Anya Rubin is in the Permanent Collection of European Art Museum, Denmark

May 2017
The New York Optimist

January 2017
Uprise/Angry Women art exhibition NYC

TMS Talk to All-Female Artists of the UPRISE/ANGRY WOMEN Exhibit

We spoke to some of the women artists behind Uprise/Angry Women, an exhibit at The Untitled Space. Read more:

Posted by The Mary Sue on Friday, January 20, 2017

October 2016
Groundswell Art Auction Benefit,2016

Wear With All, Hampton’s features my work

The Untitled Space gallery on Artsy

A Portrait of Tatiana Eva Marie

A Portrait of Anya Rubin

The “F” Word: Feminism in Art – A Group Show of 20 Female Artists

March 11, 2015
Anya Rubin Reflects on Technology’s Influence On Society

Anja Rubin Reflects On Technology’s Influence On Society

February 3 – 10, 2015
Arts & Entertainment2.7.15 Duet Art Exhibit

February 3 – 10, 2015
Chelsea Now 1.29.15 Duet Art Exhibit

Restaurant Exhibit Offers Food For Thought

February 3 – 10, 2015
The Villager 1.29.15 Duet Art Exhibit

Restaurant exhibit offers food for thought

December 16, 2014
Portrait Painting in the Facebook Age

March 31, 2014
Reporter Section Art – Russian American Daily

February 15th-28th
Alberto Linero Gallery Opening

December 2, 7-10PM
Art Basel Week 2013 | Alberto Linero Gallery

August 14 – 25, 2013
The 2013 International Art Festival Category Winners’ Exhibition
Museum of Russian Art / MORA
80 Grand St, Jersey City, NJ 07302–August-14–6-9-PM-Reception-for–The-2013-International-Art-Festival-Exhibition-.html?soid=1103963291298&aid=M2i9jB6ZS54

Where Do We Come From represented at issuu

June 27 – 29 Whit Box Gallery, NY
Off The Muff

My Art Contest 2013
Self Mutilator received honorable mention
Independent Art Museum

25CPW Gallery show June 26-28,2013<

International Art Competition