Artist Statement

I aim to depict a culture struggling to evolve at the same pace as technology. I wonder about the cohabitation of nature and technology. I reflect on social and spiritual conditions of contemporary culture as it is mediated by today’s fast-paced technology. I explore the idea of self-representation and its distorted reality, especially in relation to our society’s narcissistic obsession with social media.

I work in two mediums, oil portrait and digital creation; both mediums are computer aided. I start with a photograph of my subject. For my oil series I first map out the photograph and the canvas into a series of pixel shapes. Then I apply layers of paint to each pixel shape. I use abstract color applications in order to produce “realistic,” or illusory portraits. In my current digital creations I map out a photograph into a series of pixel shapes then I transfer the result onto a new file which I then manipulate further. With this method I try to produce a network/pattern which is the foundation of everything. Also in my digital creations I work with photographs of motherboards which I manipulate to create an environment, a type of science lab, in which I juxtapose nature themes and tech themes, questioning the boundaries between the tech world and the natural world; as well as questioning human evolution as compared to technological evolution. As my source material I use photography, drawings, and at times I use historical references (such as a well-known image painted by Gustav Courbet in my “Origin of the World Part Two” digital creation, and my manipulation of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings of anatomy in my motherboard series “Labyrinth of Creation”).