Artist Statement

Nature, technological evolution, Biocentrism, Jung, Spinoza, and Daniel Tammet, the mathematical genius who sees numbers as complex, multi-dimensional, colored and textured shapes – All have influenced me to reflect on life from the perspective of pattern in my art. Imagining myself to be a scientist, a student of life, I zoom in on my topic. In my recent work, with the help of technology, I have established a pattern that for the sake of my art represents to me the pattern of everything, a life affirming structure. Upon the completion of my first work I realized that this pattern is a symbol of a unification, seeking to find similarities rather than differences. Each form maintains individuality and yet is made up of the pattern that is common to all. This pattern brings balance for me in the midst of a chaotic world.

There is a spiritual, meditative state in this process. My models are mainly people who I know and to whom I am connected in some way. With each completed pattern I feel the essence of a particular place or person has been commemorated in art together with the energy I input.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand” — William Blake