Anya Rubin is in the Permanent Collection of European Art Museum, Denmark

September 2022
Anya Rubin Interview – RUNNY

March 2021
Anya Rubin – The Totality of Human Experience

April 2020
Свет картин

February 2020
Social Media! Is that all we have to offer to this precious birth we have taken on this planet? Interview with Anya Rubin

August 2018
Tatiana Eva-Marie // Interview

January 2018
The Art Show Commemorating Resistance During a Year of Donald Trump | Unrated

January 2018
One Year of Resistance – How Artists See Trump’s Presidency So Far

January 2018
The Guardian featuring One Year Of Resistance Exhibition at The Untitled Space NY

November 2017
Artist Portfolio Magazine

May 2017
The New York Optimist

January 2017
Uprise/Angry Women art exhibition NYC

October 2016
Groundswell Art Auction Benefit,2016

The Untitled Space gallery on Artsy

A Portrait of Tatiana Eva Marie

The “F” Word: Feminism in Art – A Group Show of 20 Female Artists

March 11, 2015
Anya Rubin Reflects on Technology’s Influence On Society

February 3 – 10, 2015
Arts & Entertainment2.7.15 Duet Art Exhibit

February 3 – 10, 2015
Chelsea Now 1.29.15 Duet Art Exhibit

February 3 – 10, 2015
The Villager 1.29.15 Duet Art Exhibit

December 16, 2014
Portrait Painting in the Facebook Age

March 31, 2014
Reporter Section Art – Russian American Daily

February 15th-28th
Alberto Linero Gallery Opening

December 2, 2013
Basel 2013

December 2, 7-10PM
Art Basel Week 2013 | Alberto Linero Gallery

August 14 – 25, 2013
The 2013 International Art Festival Category Winners’ Exhibition
Museum of Russian Art / MORA
80 Grand St, Jersey City, NJ 07302–August-14–6-9-PM-Reception-for–The-2013-International-Art-Festival-Exhibition-.html?soid=1103963291298&aid=M2i9jB6ZS54

Where Do We Come From represented at issuu

June 27 – 29 Whit Box Gallery, NY
Off The Muff

My Art Contest 2013
Self Mutilator received honorable mention
Independent Art Museum

25CPW Gallery show June 26-28,2013<

International Art Competition