Digging down to the cellular level, analyzing forms by their most elemental parts, we expose the interconnectedness of all things. Oil and digital works in this series take into account the constant conversation between the particles of our bodies and the environments we inhabit. When we map the fundamental building blocks of our lives, we find life affirming structures.
Technology has its own eyes. But what does it see? Sophisticated computer programs and advanced digital lenses are constantly updating the way we read and perceive nature. This series imagines what the natural world looks like through mechanical eyes, but further investigates how our eyes understand those mechanics.
A motherboard is the main circuit board in a computer: the ‘mother’ of all components attached to it. The visual language of wires and circuitry is rerouted here to echo forms of the other mother: mother nature. Trees and vines bloom, and embryos emerge amidst the cold, harsh circuitry. Has human nature evolved enough to understand the technological evolution we’re immersed in? Is the motherboard our new incubator; the breeding grounds of next and nascent ideas? This series explores the notion of autonomy in an automated age.
This series draws critical attention to the role of what could be called the Divine Feminine. Allusions are made to female energy as the force behind creation, life-giving, and care. If any true oneness or unity exists, it stems from this generative female energy – a nurturing force that is as fierce as it is tender.