Digging down to the cellular level, analyzing forms by their most elemental parts, we expose the interconnectedness of all things. Oil and digital works in this series take into account the constant conversation between the particles of our bodies and the environments we inhabit. When we map the fundamental building blocks of our lives, we find life affirming structures.
Intimate, obfuscating, inherently personal. Portraits is a material exploration of the individual in the age of selfies. Close-up images of individuals are now amongst the most common visual vernacular, shot on cellphones and webcams. Yet here, through oil on canvas, one meets a jazz singer from Eastern Europe, a gallerist from New York City, a lovelorn teenager. These works uphold the beauty of the personal while complicating notions of singular identity; the subject exists on the canvas only as an idea, a moment in time.
Playing with the quotidian nature of electronic media, these works translate intimate moments of family and companionship into pixelated compositions. Here a devolution occurs, bending time and technology backwards as the analog hand of the painter performs the visual language of digitalism. These works question the nature of reality, and invite viewers to begin parsing information through their own lens of authenticity.